Cucumbers. Garlic. Vinegar. White pepper. Shallots. Salt.

Wipe some cucumbers but do not peel them, then slice them into a wide-mouthed bottle, putting in with them for two pints of vinegar, three shallots, one clove of garlic, one teaspoonful of white pepper and one teaspoonful of salt. The vinegar should be just enough in quantity to cover the cucumbers, and if preferred, two teaspoonfuls of white peppercorns may be boiled with it for thirty minutes instead of the pepper; the vinegar must be cold when used finally.

After fourteen days it may be strained off into small clean bottles.

Another Method: Wipe nine large cucumbers, and slice them thinly into a jar with three large sliced onions, a clove of garlic, one-half tablespoonful of salt, one-half tablespoonful of white pepper, one-half teaspoonful of red pepper and one quart of vinegar. After four days, strain through a flannel bag and bottle, putting a few white peppercorns in each bottle. The mixture may be boiled at the end of the four days, leaving it to cool before straining, and finally filtering it through blotting paper.

This is a capital flavoring for salads, hashes and sauces, and is also appreciated with cold meats, or in the mayonnaise sauce served with them.