Cherry Brandy

12 lbs. morella cherries. Sugar. Brandy.

Wash and dry the cherries, then cut off the stalks so that one-half inch remains on the fruit. Prick each cherry with a needle, put into wide mouthed quart bottles and cover with brandy.

Cork the bottles and set away for one month. Then pour off the brandy, and to each quart add one cupful of sugar; when dissolved, pour the brandy back on the cherries.

Cork and seal.

Cherry Syrup

Sound ripe cherries. Lump sugar.

Choose sound ripe cherries, stone, and place them in wide-mouthed glass jars, with layers of crushed lump sugar between the fruit.

Cork securely and place in a can with sufficient cold water to reach up the necks of the bottles, bring to boiling point, and boil until the fruit looks dry and shriveled, then remove the pan from the fire and leave until cold.

This syrup keeps excellently if left in the bottles as it is; but, if preferred, it may be strained into sterilized bottles and corked and sealed.