Mulberry Jelly

Unripe mulberries. Sugar.

Use only hard, unripe mulberries, and put these into the preserving pan in the proportions of two pints of cold water to six pints of berries. Let the fruit cook slowly for one hour, then add another quart of cold water, and simmer for another hour. Strain off the juice, and add one pound of heated sugar to each pint of mulberry juice.

Boil up again, and strain into glasses.

Cover with paraffin.

Mulberry Marmalade

Mulberries. Sugar.

Free the berries from stalks and then weigh. For every pound take the same quantity of crushed lump sugar. Arrange the fruit at the bottom of a large flat preserving pan, and then sprinkle the sugar over it. Place the pan over a very slow fire, and cook until a thick syrup is formed, then boil quickly for a few minutes, removing the scum.

Pour into jelly glasses and seal.