Peaches. Lemons. Sugar.

For peach jelly select peaches not quite ripe enough for eating. Rub off the down with a rough cloth, cut in pieces, saving the pits. Cover with water and cook slowly, closely covered, until the fruit is quite soft. Pour into a jelly bag and allow to drip.

When all the juice is extracted, measure, and to every two cupfuls of juice, allow one pound of sugar and the strained juice of one lemon.

Set the sugar in the oven to heat, and place the juice uncovered over the fire. Cook for twenty minutes, add the heated sugar, stir until dissolved, cook for five minutes, then strain into glasses and cover when cold.

Peaches never make a firm jelly that will retain its shape when turned from a mold or glass, but no jelly is more delicious for cake fillings, sauces, puddings or candies.

Another Method: Wash one peck of peaches and wipe them dry. Cut into pieces without peeling, and discard all the pits but eight. Crush these and add to the fruit. Place in the preserving pan, add one quart of water, and cook until tender. Drain, boil syrup again for fifteen minutes, strain and add one tablespoonful of lemon juice for each two cupfuls of juice and an equal amount of heated sugar, then allow to cook for ten minutes.

Test and see if it will jelly; if not, boil two or three minutes longer.