Rose hips. Sugar.

Gather the hips when they are red and plump, then wash and dry them. Cut them in halves length wise with a sharp penknife, and remove the pips and little hairs.

Weigh the skins and put them into a preserving pan with just enough water to keep them from burning. Cover and cook until tender, then strain without pressure

Measure the liquid and boil it for ten minutes, then add two cupfuls of sugar to each pint of juice and boil until the syrup jellies on a spoon.

If preferred, the sugar, water and fruit may be cooked together until the hips are soft. It is then strained.

Another Method: Stew the prepared hips in a little water until tender. Weigh them and take the same weight of vegetable marrow, cut in small pieces; add nearly the combined weight of both in lump sugar, and boil for thirty minutes

Seal in small glasses.