3 lbs. vegetable marrow. 1 oz. ground ginger. 3 lbs. lump sugar. 2 lemons.

Peel the vegetable marrow and remove the pips. Cut into pieces about two inches long and weigh. Put into a preserving pan, add the strained lemon juice and lemon rinds cut very thin, the sugar and the ginger.

Boil until clear, which should take about an hour.

Seal in glasses.

Another Method: Take six pounds of vegetable marrow, three chilies, two ounces of ginger root, two lemons and three-fourths of a pound of sugar to each pound of marrow. After peeling and removing the seeds of the marrow, cut it into small pieces.

Put the marrow and sugar into a preserving pan, and allow it to stand for twelve hours before boiling, then add the ginger (well bruised), the chilies tied in a muslin bag, the lemon rinds and the strained juice of the lemons. Boil the jam from three to four hours, and when done, remove the muslin bag and the lemon rinds.

Seal in jars.