How To Make Corn and Cabbage Pickle

To each large head of cabbage use one dozen ears of sweet com. Cook the two vegetables separately in slightly salted water until tender. Chop the cabbage, and out the com from the cob and combine the two. Make a spiced vinegar as you did for the other pickles, and pour over. Simmer slowly in this for fifteen or twenty minutes; then fill jars and seal.

How To Make Succotash Pickles

To each quart of golden-wax pod beans use one dozen ears of corn. Boil the two vegetables separately in salted water. Cut the corn from the cob, and cut the beans up into about half inch lengths. Cover with a spiced vinegar, and simmer together a short time before filling into the jars.

How To Make Ripe Cucumber Sweet Pickles

Choose good, firm, nearly ripe cucumbers, pare and core, cut into thick slices. Soak in salted water overnight; then in the morning drain off. Place in a preserving kettle one quart of vinegar, one cupful of water, two pounds of sugar, and two tablespoonfuls of mixed spice tied up in a bag. Use this amount for about a half gallon of the sliced cucumbers. Boil the sugar, water and spices to a syrup, then add the cucumbers and cook until the cucumbers are tender. Fill jars, and seal while hot.

How To Make Pickled Beans In Pod

The large golden-wax or white pod beans are the finest for pickling. Cook these in slightly salted water until tender, but be careful not to cook them too long, or they will get soft. Drain and fill into jars. Boil together two cups of vinegar, one cup of water, two cups of sugar, and a little bag of mixed spice. Pour over the cooked beans in the jars and seal tight. Use about one heaping teaspoonful of salt for each quart of water in which the beans are boiled.

How To Make Red Mixed Pickle

To make this red pickle use one quart of red chopped cabbage, one quart of sweet red peppers, one quart of chopped red beets, and one quart of red kidney beans, shelled from the pods before being quite ripe. Put all the vegetables in salt water overnight, except the beans. Boil separately in the morning, first draining off the brine, then proceed as in making the other pickles. Spices as suggested above under "Sweet Cucumber Pickles" may be used with a few tiny red peppers, or you may use only a little bag of mixed spices.

How To Make Pickled Nasturtium Seeds

Gather the nasturtium seeds as soon as the petals of the flowers have dropped. Make a salt brine as you would for other pickles, and soak the seeds in this for at least twenty-four hours. Drain off the brine, and soak in cold water for an hour or more. Make a good spiced vinegar, pour over seeds, and seal.

How To Make Dill Pickles

Good-sized cucumbers should be used for these. Pack the pickles in stone jars with dill between each layer, and a few bay leaves picked to pieces. To each quart of water allow two tablespoonfuls of salt, and one-third quart of vinegar. Boil and skim, and pour over the pickles. Cover well, and keep the pickles under the liquid by using a weight on top.

How To Make Sour Cucumber Pickles

Use small cucumbers for this purpose. To each two quarts of cucumbers use one pint of vinegar, and two tablespoonfuls of salt, and one tablespoonful of mustard, a few small peppercorns, or a bit of horseradish. Pack the pickles in jars, after they have been thoroughly washed, and pour the vinegar over them to overflowing; then seal, or if for immediate use they may be packed in crocks.

How To Make Spanish Pickle

For this pickle use green and ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, beets, red and green peppers, and onions. Use an equal quantity of each. Cabbage may be also added. Bun all these vegetables through a coarse meat chopper, after they have been allowed to stand in a strong brine overnight and then drained. Place on the stove with vinegar to cover, sugar and spices, using for each two quarts of vinegar two pounds of sugar, one ounce of mustard seed, and two ounces of mixed spices. Boil slowly until thick, fill jars, and seal.

How To Make Oil Pickles

Oil cucumber pickles are made like other pickles, only a cupful of olive or other salad oil is added to each quart of vinegar.