These are fine, and are as easily made as the candied fruits and flowers. The small yellow tomatoes are the best for this purpose. They should be ripe but firm. Wipe the tomatoes off, and then arrange in alternate layers in a preserving kettle with granulated sugar, using an equal quantity of fruit and sugar. Allow to stand for at least twenty-four hours. Place the kettle in the oven a few minutes to melt any of the sugar not yet melted; then drain off the juice into another preserving kettle. Add about an ounce of ginger root and the yellow rind and juice of three lemons for each gallon of tomatoes.

Boil to a thick syrup; then add the tomatoes, a few at a time, and simmer until transparent. Remove carefully to platters with a skimmer, and place in the sun, carefully protecting from dust and insects with fine netting or coarse cheese-cloth, using a frame to place it over so that it will not touch the fruit. After the "figs" have been in the sun for several days place the syrup over the fire and boil to the candy stage, then dip each fig into this, then place them in the sun or in a moderate oven until thoroughly dry. Pack like candied fruits.