How To Make Candied Fruits and Flowers

Nearly all kinds of fruits may be candied; but the ones that have proved the most satisfactory to me are cherries, strawberries, pineapple, peaches, pears, currants, and gooseberries. Mint and other aromatic leaves are fine candied, and among the flowers I find rose petals and violets best suited to this purpose.

How To Make Quince Honey

Choose for this honey nice ripe quinces, pare, core and grate. To a pint of the grated fruit allow three pounds of sugar and a pint of water.

Boil the sugar and water until it spins a thread, add the grated quince and boil until as thick as honey. Pour into jars and seal while hot. This is good to serve with hot breads and cakes in the winter.

How To Make Peach Honey

Take any peaches as you would for making jelly, or you need only use the skins and pits which are discarded when making preserves. Add plenty of water to cover and simmer slowly for at least a half hour. Drain off the juice into a vessel, and use as much sugar as juice. Boil to the consistency of honey, and fill into bottles or screw-top jars and seal while hot. This is excellent to use in making sauces for puddings, as a syrup for pancakes, or to eat with bread and butter, like any other honey.

How To Make Vegetable Jams And Jellies

Very few people think of using vegetables for making preserves and jellies, yet very good results may be had with carrots, beets and tomatoes. The best results are obtained with vegetables by combining them with fruits.

How To Make Beet Jelly

Take young tender beets, and wash very thoroughly, and boil in enough water to cover until tender. Mash, and place in a jelly bag, and let drain. To each cupful of this beet juice add a cupful of rhubarb juice, and to each pint of juice add three-fourths of a pound of granulated sugar. Boil as you would in making other jelly, and add the sugar when hot, and cook until it jellies, and you will have a nice pink jelly to fill into jelly glasses.

How To Make Carrot Conserve

Use the deep, orange carrots for this; clean and scrape, and cook until tender and pass through the fine cutter of a food chopper. To each pint of this carrot pulp add one pound of sugar, and the outside rind and juice of two oranges, and one lemon.

Add a little water, then cook very slowly until you have a thick conserve or marmalade.

How To Make Green Tomato Jam

Take equal quantities of green tomatoes and green grapes. Slice the tomatoes, and add the grapes, and enough water to cover. Boil slowly until tender, then pass through a colander or coarse sieve. To each pint of the pulp add a pound of sugar, and boil down to the consistency of jam, and fill into glasses or jars.

How To Make Tomato And Peach Jam

Use the small yellow tomatoes for this jam. Use equal quantities of tomatoes and yellow peaches. Cook slowly until tender, then pass through a colander or coarse sieve. Place in a preserving kettle after measuring the pulp, and to each pint add a pound of sugar. Boil to the consistency of jam. If liked this may be flavored with a little lemon rind or vanilla.

How To Make Tomato Conserve

Use green or partly ripe tomatoes, and to each peck of tomatoes use about two pounds of seedless or seeded raisins, five pounds of brown sugar, and one teaspoonful of cinnamon, and one-half teaspoonful of ground cloves or allspice. Cook the tomatoes and raisins until soft, then add the sugar and spices, and boil to the thickness of conserves. If liked a few tart apples may be added.