Tutti-Frutti Conserve

To make this conserve take an equal quantity of white peaches, shredded pineapple, pears, rhubarb, tart apples and quinces. Green-gage plums may also be used. Add to each pound of fruit three-fourths of a pound of sugar. Cook until the fruits are clear. Just enough water should be added to start the fruit juices to flowing when the sugar is added. Remove from the fire, and add one-half pound of citron cut up into bits, and one cupful of preserved ginger, and a half pound of candied orange or lemon peel. If preferred, a pound of English walnuts chopped may be added, bringing to the boil again, and filling into jars.

This conserve is very much improved by adding the citron and candied peels. This is nice to make when you have small quantities of different kinds of fruit on hand, but not enough of any one kind to make up by itself.

Tutti-Frutti Preserves

Use equal quantities of red raspberries, blackberries, peaches, rhubarb, pineapple and Siberian crab-apples, and allow one pound of sugar to each pound of fruit. Peel and quarter the peaches; peel, quarter and core the crab-apples; peel and cut the rhubarb in inch lengths and peel and shred the pineapple.

Place the fruits in a preserving kettle with a little water and simmer slowly until all the fruits are cooked; then add the sugar and stew until thick and clear, and fill into preserve jars.