"Mingle, mingle, mingle; you that mingle may."

Canned Pie Plant

Cut fruit in squares and fill fruit cans, (not cooking) set cans in pans- and fill to overflowing with cold water until can is all under water; let stand two hours, seal tight, not heating either fruit or cans.

Pickled Peaches

Wash the peaches, take 1 quart vinegar, the same of sugar and heat; cook the fruit a little, then place in jars, pour the vinegar and sugar over, add cloves and seal.

Canned Strawberries

Boil sugar and water to a syrup, then make a thickening of 2 teaspoons corn starch and gallon of syrup, let come to a boil, then add berries, heat a few minutes, can and seal; place cans top down and let stand three days and put away in the dark.

Corn Canned

Three pints water to 8 pints corn, boil twenty minutes, then add 1 pint salt, boil three minutes and can.

Spiced Cherries

Eight pounds stoned cherries, 1 pint strong vinegar, 4 pounds brown sugar, all kinds of spices tied in a piece of cheese cloth, a few pieces stick cinnamon; drain and heat, pour boiling hot over fruit every morning for a week. Heat fruit and juice all together before putting in jars. If desired add more sugar.


To what will make 4 quarts of canned rhubarb slice one pineapple. Cook together, sweeten and can.


Take grapes, wash and pour boiling water over them until they are covered, let stand about fifteen minutes; skim out fruit and put in jars. Make a hot, thick syrup, pour over and seal.

Canned Cherries

Pit the cherries, put them in clear water and cook, dip them out of the juice, put them in cans and fill with boiling water and seal.

Spiced Apples

Eight pounds apples, pared, 4 pounds sugar, 1 quart vinegar, 1 ounce stick cinnamon, ounce cloves. Boil sugar, vinegar and spices together; put in the apples and let them stay till tender. Put them in a jar, boil syrup till thick, pour over.

Spiced Peaches

Pare, stone and halve nine pounds peaches, simmer till tender, pour off the water and add 1 pint vinegar, 4 pounds sugar, cloves, mace and cinnamon, boil half an hour or less if they seem too soft.

Canning Strawberries Cold (Fine)

Take fresh, firm berries, add 1 pound sugar to each pound of fruit. Scatter the sugar in between the layers of fruit and let stand in ice box eight or ten hours. This will harden the fruit so you can put your hands in and stir thoroughly from the bottom. Let stand five or six hours; stir again and put into pint cans; put spoon into can and stir once or twice around to get out the air. See that your can is full before sealing. Use everything cold.

Canned String Beans

Take the beans and cut them in nice size to cook, put them in a large porcelain kettle, cover them with water, then add enough salt to make quite salty, cook till almost tender, put in quart cans, cover with the juice, leaving a space at top of can for two tablespoons of good vinegar, seal air tight. When you want to use them take and rinse them, then boil and drain, then season the same as fresh beans with the exception of salt. They will keep for a whole year if air tight.

Canned Pineapple

Take equal measure of shredded pineapple and sugar, place in a crock alternately. Let this stand over night. In the morning drain off the juice; to 3 cups of juice add 1 cup water. After this mixture comes to a boil put in the pulp of pineapple, let boil up (not cook). Seal.

Spiced Huckleberries

Seven pounds berries, 3 pounds sugar, 1 pint vinegar, spice to taste.

Spiced Currants

Five pounds fruit, 4 pounds sugar, 2 tablespoons cloves, 2 tablespoons cinnamon, 1 pint vinegar.

Pickled Peaches

Make a syrup with 1 quart of water, 2 cups sugar, cup good vinegar, boil until thick; wash peaches and drop in syrup and boil until tender, take up and pack in jars or cans as full as possible and pour over the syrup. Will keep in jars a long time.

Canned Beets

Boil young beets until tender, peel and slice. Take good, strong cider vinegar and half as much sugar as vinegar. Let come to a boil, drop in beets, heat thoroughly. Can immediately.