Ear Ache

Roast together onions and tobacco and squeeze the juice, drop in the ear.

To Clean Furniture

A mixture of equal parts of linseed oil, vinegar and turpentine.

Sure Cure For Ague

Five cents' worth frankincense, crushed, one grated nutmeg put in thin muslin bag. To be worn over pit of stomach.

When Peeling Onions

When Peeling Onions begin at the root end and peel upward and the onions will scarcely affect your eyes at all.

When Mashing Potatoes

When Mashing Potatoes use hot milk, and if you have been in the habit of using cold you will be surprised at the difference in its lightness.

Sure Cure For Snake Bite

I have seen many people bitten, but have never known a case to prove fatal where this remedy was used. Procure the yolk of an egg and mix with enough salt to make a good, thick poultice, put the poultice on the bite and bandage tightly. Watch the solution and when it is full of poison it will change color and should be renewed.

Cure For Felon

A felon may be cured by tying the affected finger in a poultice pulverized rock salt and turpentine, renewing as the poultice becomes dry. Usually twenty-four hours' application of the above will cure the felon.


Apply butter immediately. It will prevent blistering and remove the fire and soreness. A remedy always at hand and easily applied.

To Stop Hiccoughs

Put a few drops of good cider vinegar on a lump of sugar. Let dissolve in mouth.

Chicken Lice

The best remedy for lice in poultry houses is to add one pound of concentrated lye to a boiler of soap suds and apply hot on the walls, floors and roofs of the houses. All lice and nits will then be destroyed. If the roosts are suspended by rods from the rafters and not allowed to touch the sides of the house there will be less trouble with lice.

Rheumatism Cure

Five cents' worth nitre potassium, twenty cents' worth iodide potassium, in one pint water. Take one tablespoonful three times a day, before each meal. If followed as directed will cure without fail.

For Sprains

Apply a poultice made of equal parts of salt and lard. This will give instant relief and reduce the swelling. There is nothing better.

To Remove Mildew And Fruit Stains

Put one ounce chloride of lime in a bowl, pour over it one pint of boiling water. Strain through a fine cloth. Add three pints cold water. Gather up the stained places and put into the water and let remain twelve hours. Rinse thoroughly and you will find the stains have disappeared. This is particularly successful in removing peach stains. If the solution is strained and the cloth well rinsed there will be no harm done the fabric.

Boils And Felons

Take equal parts of honey or molasses and the white of an egg and enough flour to make a paste. Spread on cloth and apply.

Sugar Cured Meats

Four ounces saltpeter, 4 ounces pepper, 5 pounds salt, 200 pounds meat. Make a thick syrup of brown sugar and rub all over the meat, then apply the dry salt. This will keep the year round.

Curing Pork Or Other Meat

For 100 pounds, 1 quart New Orleans molasses, or 2 pounds brown sugar, 1 tablespoon pulverized saltpeter, 1 tablespoonfuls soda, dissolve in a little warm water, when all is dissolved pour in cold water enough to cover your meat, then put in salt till it bears up an egg; pour over your meat, let stand five weeks, then take out and smoke if so desired.

Curing Pork Or Other Meat 8