For Cracked Lips

Cover with inside of egg lining.

For Erysipelas

Crush raw cranberries, apply as poultice.

Recipe For Quarreling

Take a root of sassafras and steep in a pint of water and put in a bottle and when your husband comes in to quarrel fill your mouth with it and hold until he goes away. A sure cure.

Buffalo Bugs

Take strips of red flannel, dip in liquid arsenic and lay around the edge of carpet.

To Beautify The Hair

Put 1 ounce of pulverized sulphur into 1 quart of rain water, shake well every few hours, then pour liquid off and saturate the scalp every morning. Cures dandruff and falling out of hair.

To Wash Windows

Two tablespoons turpentine in water.

For Colic

Give infants very warm water until they vomit.

To Clean Tinware

After thoroughly washing in hot. soap suds and wipe dry, then apply dry flour and rub with newspaper.

For Inflamed Eyes

Scrape raw potatoes, apply as a poultice. Renew as it gets dry.

Remedy For Sprains

Take boneset and smart weed, equal parts, tincture in alcohol four hours, then strain and bottle for use. Bathe surface of sprain freely.

To Remove Rust

To remove rust from white garments soak them thoroughly in buttermilk. It will remove the rust and make them white as snow.

Rice Water

Two ounces rice, two quarts water and boil for an hour and a half, then add sugar and nutmeg to taste; some prefer salt. An excellent drink in diarrhoea and dysentery.

Lime Water And Milk

Take a clear, saturated lime water and fresh milk, each a wineglass full, and mix. Let a tablespoonful or less be taken at once. This will sometimes remain upon an irritable stomach which will retain nothing else.

Take Fire Out Of Burns

Pour hot water on a lump of white lime; strain off the water and add linseed oil; shake well in a bottle and apply at once. This should be kept in every house for an emergency.

Egg Nog

Beat the white of an egg to a stiff, dry froth, add 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 gills sweet milk and a grating of nutmeg. Serve at once.

Cure For Alcoholism

In the morning before breakfast, an orange should be eaten, one about 9 o'clock, one before dinner, one before supper and one before retiring; continue one week. The second week four oranges a day will be sufficient, the third week three, and the fourth week the tippler won't be able to bear the smell of alcohol. Try it.

Cholera Mixture

One ounce tincture of opium, 1 ounce tincture rhubarb, 1 ounce tincture camphor. Excellent for summer complaints. Dose - Adults, 15 drops on a little sugar; children, 5 to 10 drops.

Cement For Marble

Take one pound gum arabic, make into thick mucilige, add to it powdered plaster of paris 1 pounds, five ounces quicklime, mix well; heat the marble and apply the mixture.