Self possession is evidence of a clear brain.

Recipe For A Happy Day

Take a little dash of cold water,

A little leaven of prayer,

A little bit of sunshine gold

Dissolved in morning air.

Add to your meal some merriment,

Add thought for kith and kin,

And then, as a prime ingredient,

A plenty of work thrown in.

Flavor it all with essence of love

And a dash of play.

Let the dear old Book and a glance above

Complete the well-spent day.

To Remove Iron Rust

Thicken lemon juice with salt and rub on rust spot, place article in the sun; two or three applications may be necessary.


Melt butter and molasses together and give until child vomits. Very easy and very sure.

For Roup In Chickens

Hog's lard and sulphur in equal parts, or dry sulphur blown down the fowl's throat.


Two tablespoons honey, 2 tablespoons linseed oil, 1 teaspoon turpentine, yolk of one egg, flour to thicken.

Cleansing Sore Throat

One-half teaspoon common salt. teaspoon baking soda, 1 ounce glycerine, water enough to make 3 ounces. Gargle throat.

Beat the white of an egg and add to lemonade; makes a delightful drink for invalids.

Tooth Powder

One-half ounce Peruvian bark, 1 ounce orris bark, ounce myrrh, 2 ounces pulverized chalk.


Take six onions, chop fine, put into a large spider over a hot fire; add vinegar and rye meal to form a thick paste, stir and simmer ten minutes. Put into cotton bag, large enough to cover the lungs and apply as hot as the patient can bear. In about ten minutes change the poultice, continue reheating poultice; in a few hours the patient will be out of danger. But continue until perspiration starts freely from the chest. Make two poultices. Also an excellent remedy for croup, when applied to the throat.


One tablespoon rhubarb root, 1 teaspoon baking soda. 1 teacup boiling water and a little peppermint. Dose: - One tablespoon three times a day.


Tar spread on the throat and quite up under the ears; cover with a cloth and go to sleep, and wake up well. Only a brown stain will remain; it is easily washed off and is sure relief. Recommended for diphtheria or scarlet fever.

DR. M. HAMMOND gives it is his experience that in convulsions of children, to turn them upon the left side will cut short, like magic, the convulsions. Epileptics treated in the same way are always promptly relieved.

To Stop Nose Bleeding

Place a penny between the upper lip and the teeth; hold there a few minutes. Never fails.

To Mend China

Take a very thick solution of gum arabic in water, stir into it plaster of paris until the mixture becomes of the consistency of cream, apply with a brush to the broken edges and join together. In three days the article cannot be broken in the same place.