New Potatoes And Cream

Wash and rub new potatoes with a coarse cloth or scrubbing brush; drop into boiling water and boil briskly until done, and no more; press a potato against the side of the kettle with a fork, if done it will yield to a gentle pressure. In a saucepan have ready some butter and cream, hot, but not boiling, a little green parsley, pepper and salt; drain the potatoes, add the mixture, put over hot water for a minute or two, and serve.

Baked Maccaroni

Put in a baking dish one layer of maccaroni then a layer of cheese, add a tablespoon of butter, another layer of maccaroni, etc., fill the dish with milk, bake until it jellies.

Sauer Kraut

Make early in the light of the moon. Use just 1 pint of salt to a thirty-two gallon barrel of kraut, and you will not fail to have it first-class.

Lima And Kidney Beans

These beans should be put in boiling water, a little more than enough to cover them, and boil till tender - from half an hour to two hours - serve with butter and salt upon them.

These beans are in season from the last of July to the last of September. There are several other varieties of beans, used as summer vegetables, which are cooked as above.

Baked Sweet Potatoes

"Wash and scrape them, split them lengthwise. Steam or boil them until nearly done. Drain and put them in a baking dish, placing over them lumps of butter, pepper and salt; sprinkle thickly with sugar and bake in oven.

Fried Salsify

Stew the salsify as usual until very tender; then with the back of a spoon or a potato jammer mash it very fine. Beat up an egg, add a teacup of milk, a little flour, butter and seasoning of pepper and salt. Make into little cakes and fry to a light brown in boiling lard, first rolling in beaten eggs and then flour.

Cabbage With Cream

Remove the outer leaves from a solid, small-sized head of cabbage, and cut the remainder as fine as for slaw. Have on the fire a spider or deep skillet, and when it is hot put in the cabbage, pouring over it right away a pint of boiling water. Cover closely, to allow it to cook rapidly for ten minutes. Drain off the water and add half a pint of new milk, or part milk and cream; when it boils, stir in a large teaspoon of either wheat or rice flour, moistened with milk; add salt and pepper, and as soon as it comes to a boil serve. Those who find slaw and other dishes prepared from cabbage indigestible, will not complain of this.

Fried Potatoes With Eggs

Slice cold boiled potatoes and fry in good butter until brown; beat up one or two eggs, and stir into them just as you dish them for the table; do not leave them a moment on the fire after the eggs are in, for if they harden they are not half so nice; one egg is enough for three or four persons, unless they are very fond of potatoes; if they are, have plenty and put in two.

Stewed Pumpkin

Stew pumpkin, cut into small pieces, in a pint water; and, when soft, mash with potato masher very fine, let the water dry away, watching closely to prevent burning or scorching.