For Cough

Juice of one lemon, the same amount of glycerine, mixed. Dose - Adult, one tea-spoonful every twenty minutes until relieved.

Liniment For Rheumatism

Take 1 pint good cider vinegar, add heaping teaspoon each of salt and pepper, boil down to half pint and use.

Ink Stains

To remove ink stains, soak goods in buttermilk.


Chloride of lime, as well as being a disinfectant, is useful to drive away rats from cellars.

Mustard Plasterer

To make mustard plaster: Use no water, but mix the mustard with the white of an egg; the result will be a plaster which will draw perfectly, but which will not produce a blister.

Cough Recipe

One pint molasses, 1 teaspoon oil peppermint, 8 drops oil tar, 2 tablespoons alcohol. Mix well and add 1 tablespoon ginger.

Grass Stains

Grass Stains may be removed from white material by washing the stained garment in spirits of camphor.

For Croup

Apply a cloth wrung out of cold water to the neck and chest, cover with dry cloth to exclude the air and put a bottle of hot water to the feet.

Cure For Sprains

Make a poultice of clay and vinegar and bind on.

Poultice For A Boil

Scrape castile soap into cream and steep them together till right for a salve. The best salve known for a boil at any stage.

To Preserve Eggs

To each pail of water add one quart fresh slacked lime and one pint common salt, mix well; fill a barrel half full of this fluid; put your eggs in it any time after June and they will keep for months.

To Stop Hiccoughs

One tablespoonful quince juice.

Tar Smoke For Diphtheria

Pour equal parts turpentine and liquid tar into a pan or cup and set fire to the mixture. A dense resinous smoke arises. The patient breaths it and is relieved.

For Toothache Or Pain In The Face

Mix salt with yolk of an egg until about consistency of mustard; use same as mustard plaster.

To Keep Flies From Horses

Take two or three handfuls of green walnut leaves, pour over two or three quarts of soft cool water; let stand one night; pour in kettle and boil fifteen minutes. When cold wet a sponge and before the horse goes out of the stable let those parts which are most irritated be washed over with the liquid.

To Remove Kerosene Spots

Kerosene when spilled on a carpet can be readily removed by putting on Indian meal, then brushing out when it has lain a few hours. It may need more than one application if much has been spilled, but it will all come out by repeated application.

Cold Sores

Cold sores are quickly relieved by applying boracic acid occasionally.

Ring Worm

Rub the spot with milk from milkweed, which grows wild. Continue this a few days and the spot will disappear.

Cure For Tonsilitis

Cut up lovage root and fry in lard. Apply as poultice.