Tomato Jelly

Dissolve box of plymouth rock gelatine in pint cold water and add 1 quart of stewed tomato, season with sugar, salt, pepper, celery salt and a little onion.


Strain through a sieve while hot. Pour into cups or individual molds and put into a cold place to harden. Turn each form on a lettuce leaf and serve with mayonnaise dressing.

Cherry Preserves

Pound for pound of cherries and sugar. Put cherries and sugar on stove and boil eight minutes; skim cherries and spread thin on plates, cover lightly with syrup and let stand in sun; if sun is very hot day will cook; if not, leave in sun all day. Put remainder, of syrup in dishes and set in sun same as fruit; leave all in dishes until morning.

To Can. Put 2 spoons fruit and 1 of syrup until can is filled. Do not heat fruit or cans next morning.

Lemon Jelly

Moisten 2 tablespoons corn starch, stir it into 1 pint boiling water and add juice of 2 lemons and 1-3 cup sugar, grate in little of the lemon rind. Put in moulds to cool.

Preserved Pears

Peel fruit, take almost half and half pears and sugar, let stand over night; in the morning drain syrup off and boil, pour over pears, let stand again one night. Cook now until tender, skim the fruit out and boil syrup until thick. Will last a long time.

Frost Jelly

One-half box gelatine dissolved in pint cold water, pint boiling water, 1 cups sugar, juice of 2 lemons. When cool and beginning to form, add beaten whites of 2 eggs and beat together until well mixed. Set in a cool place.

Cranberry Jelly

Two quarts cranberries, 1 pints cold water, cover, boil ten minutes, strain, add 1 1-3 pints granulated sugar, stir, let boil one minute. Rinse mould in cold water before pouring in jelly. For 3 quarts berries use 1 quart cold water, 1 quart sugar.

Preserved Watermelon Or Citron

Peel the melon and boil until soft, try with fork. To 1 pound allow 1 pounds sugar, simmer slowly for 2 hours in this syrup, flavor with lemon. Lift the melon and boil syrup until thick and pour it over, add juice of 1 lemon to each quart of syrup.

Tomato Preserves

Scald the tomatoes, a few at a time, remove skins and cores, then cut through the middle from side to side so you can remove the seeds, which is easiest done with the thumb. Have a bucket of cold water to dip the tomatoes in, which will rinse the remaining seeds from it, squeeze it in your hand and it is ready for the preserving kettle. Have your sugar melted and boiled to a syrup, put the tomatoes in and boil until they are transparent. Use equal amount of sugar and tomatoes. These are far superior to those you don't remove the seeds, for seeds make them bitter and watery.

Strawberry And Rhubard Jam

Take half berries and half rhubarb. Scald rhubarb with boiling water and add sugar.

Pineapple Preserves

Have your pine apples as ripe as can be procured. Pare and cut in thin slices, cut each slice in quarters, be very careful to remove every particle of the skin for if it is not all removed it will cause the preserves to look specky. Weigh the fruit and allow a pound of sugar to a pound of fruit. Put a layer of pine apple and a layer of sugar and so on, until the fruit is all in the dish (use a large earthen dish). Put a layer of sugar on top and let stand over night. In the morning drain off the juice and put it in a preserving kettle. Stir in the white of an egg and skim as it comes to a boil; let it boil ten minutes, then pour boiling hot over the pine apple and let it stand and grow cold with covering, when thoroughly cold, put in glass jars and seal. Serve cold with sliced bananas.

Cherry Sunshine

One pint of sugar to quart of cherries. Boil from 5 to 8 minutes, pour in tumblers and set in the sun for 3 days.

A Sure Test To Tell That Jelly Is Done

Dip a spoon sidewise into the boiling mass. If on removing it the jelly runs off in two places, remove from the fire at once.