Bruise one small anchovy fine and take two dozen oysters and cast off their beards. Chop the oysters fine with a silver knife and put with the anchovy in the chafing dish. Mix both together with sufficient cream to give it a pleasing consistency. Heat well, stirring all the time. Have ready some buttered toast, and serve the hot oysters on these rounds. Eat in solemn silence, and wash down with brown sherry."

Sir John, by the way, stipulates always that the dinner hour be adhered to with military exactness. It is related of Cambaceres that Napoleon kept his dinner waiting half an hour, and in despair he sent for his cook and in true military phraseology exclaimed, " Henri! Save the entremets! The entrees are annihilated !' The late Dr. Kitchener, who prided himself upon his punctuality, had written over his side-board the motto, " Come at seven, go at eleven." Theodore Hook, who always liked the wee sma' hours best, added the word " it " to the above, and great was the doctor's surprise when he found that by alteration the notice advised his guests to " go it at eleven." To this might be added the advice of Baillie Nicol Jarvie: " Don't accept a man's hospitality and abuse the scoundrel behind his back."