Cereals should be kept in a dry place protected from the moisture of the air. As a rule they do not spoil readily unless warm and damp.

Before using, cereals should be carefully examined to make sure that they are in good condition.

The purpose of cooking cereals is: - (1) to soften the cellulose; (2) to cook the starch; (3) to add water; (4) to develop flavor.

The time for cooking cereals is dependent on the nature of the cellulose and the form in which the grain has been prepared. The shortest time is required for rice, then wheat, oats, corn, in order.

The term "mush" is applied to the cereal when cooked in the form of a rather thin pudding. "Porridge" is thinner than mush. "Gruels" are made thinner than mush by the addition of milk or water and are always strained.

General Directions for Cooking Cereals

Look grain over carefully.

Measure grain and liquid accurately. Amount of liquid may be varied according to consistency of mush desired. Salt the water, using 1 teaspoon salt to 1 cup cereal. Have the water boiling as cereal is added.

Add cereal so slowly that bubbling of water may not be stopped.

Boil rapidly 10 to 15 minutes, stirring constantly.

Then cover and cook in a double boiler or a fireless cooker without stirring for remainder of time. Increase time for cooking two or three hours if the cereal is put in the fireless cooker.

When it is necessary to replenish water in lower part of double boiler, boiling water should be used.

Cook continuously.

General directions will have to be varied somewhat in cooking rice and some of the special cereal preparations.

Cold cooked cereals can always be reheated in a double boiler with the addition of water, if necessary, and served as freshly cooked cereals.

Methods of cooking cereals are: -

(1) Hot, with milk, cream, or butter - with or without sugar.

(2) Cooled in molds and served with cream as a simple dessert.

(3) Cooled in molds, sliced, dipped in flour browned in butter or other fat, served hot.

(4) Cooled, shaped into balls, and fried in deep fat.

Served with meat as a vegetable or with sweet sauce as dessert.

(5) Served with uncooked fruit, such as bananas, berries, pineapple, dates, etc.; or cooked fruit, as apples, pears, etc.

Table of Proportions and Time for Cooking Cereals




Corn meal ..........

1 cup 4 cups

3 hrs. in double boiler

Cracked wheat ......

1 cup 4 cups

3-6 hrs in double boiler

Cream of wheat.....

1 cup 4-6 cups

40 min. in double boiler

Farina .............

1 cup 4-6 cups

40 min. in double boiler

Hominy grits ........

1 cup 4-5 cups

2-3 hrs in double boiler

Oat meal, coarse.....

1 cup 4 cups

3-4 hrs in double boiler

Oats, rolled .........

1 cup 3 or 4 cups

1 1/2 hrs in double boiler

Rice, boiled .........

1 cup 3 qts.

20-30 min. in kettle

Rice, steamed ........

1 cup 2 cups

3/4 - 1 hr. in steamer

Wheatena or Wheatlet

1 cup 4 cups

3 hrs. in double boiler