1 Have oven at proper temperature, and see that the fire is in good condition and well regulated. The oven temperature should be about 375 degrees, or test by putting in a piece of white paper or 2 teaspoons flour on a pan. This should become a golden brown in from 2 to 5 minutes.

2 Prepare pans before beginning to measure materials. Grease pans with lard, butter, or beef drippings, using a soft brush or a piece of paper for that purpose. Heat iron gem pans or earthen cups before filling. Pans are greased

a To keep batter from sticking.

b To add flavor to the crust.

c To help cook the crust.

3 Have all materials measured and ready before beginning to combine the ingredients.

4 Mix and sift all dry ingredients together.

5 Mix milk and egg yolk.

6 Add liquids slowly to dry ingredients, stirring and beating them well to keep free from lumps.

7 When perfectly smooth, cut and fold in well-beaten whites.

8 Add melted butter last.

9 Fill muffin tins only one-third to two-thirds full. 10 Bake at once.