Watermelon-Rind Preserves

1 pound melon rind

1 ounce lime

2 quarts water

1 pound sugar 1 lemon

Cut rind in 1/2 inch squares. Remove peel and all pink part, and weigh. Soak over night in lime water. The following morning allow rind to stand for 2 hours in clear water. Drain well, then drop into boiling water and cook rapidly for 10 minutes. Drain again and add gradually to syrup made of sugar and 1 quart of water. Add to this the juice of 1/2 lemon and three extra slices of lemon, and cook until the rind is clear and transparent. Allow to stand covered with syrup until cool. Then arrange attractively in jars, garnishing with the slices of lemon. Seal, mark, and store.

Yellow-Tomato Preserves

1 pound ripe yellow tomatoes (weighed after skinning) 1 pound granulated sugar

1 stick ginger root

1 lemon, juice and rind

Scald, skin and weigh the tomatoes. Add sugar and ginger root and boil 2 hours, then add the lemon juice and rind; boil 1/2 hour; pour into sterilized jars, seal at once, mark and store.

In preparing refreshing beverages. These fruit juices may also be used for flavoring desserts, such as puddings, ice creams, and sherbets, and in making pudding sauces.

Grape Juice

Pick ripe Concord grapes from the stem. Wash the grapes, crush, and heat them, stirring them all the time. When broken, pour into a jelly bag and allow the juice to drip from the grapes. Measure it and add one-fourth the amount of sugar. Cook the juice and sugar until they reach the boiling point. Put into sterilized bottles, cork, and seal immediately with bottle wax or paraffin. Mark and store. Dilute for serving.

Raspberry Shrub

Select sound fruit. Pick it over carefully. Wash, measure, and pack in a stone jar. Use 1 quart mild vinegar to every 4 quarts berries. Tie cheese-cloth over jar. Stir the mixture each day for three or four days. Do not let it stand more than 3 days if the weather is very warm. Strain without squeezing, measure juice and put into a kettle, allowing 2 cups of sugar to every pint of liquid. Boil slowly 5 minutes. Put into sterilized bottles. Cork and dip into paraffin or bottle wax. Dilute with cold water for serving.

Strawberries, blackberries, and dewberries may be used in the same way.

Bottle Wax To Seal Corked Bottles

Mix together equal parts of warm shoemaker's wax and resin. When liquid, dip the corked bottles into it.