There are two classes of omelets, the French or Creamy omelets in which the eggs are beaten all together and only slightly, and light omelet in which the eggs are separated and whites beaten stiff and cut and folded into the yolk mixture. The light omelets include the Foamy Omelet in which the egg is combined with water, milk or other liquid, and the Omelet Souffle, in which the liquid used is thickened with flour, cooked as in a white sauce, or in the form of softened bread crumbs.

The omelet recipes given are for an individual portion. To make a large omelet multiply the quantity of each ingredient by the number of eggs used. The best results will be obtained by making an omelet of not more than four eggs, as larger omelets are difficult to cook thoroughly and to handle well. A two-egg omelet will serve three people. A four-egg omelet will serve six people.

The omelet pan must be perfectly smooth. Care must be taken to cook the omelets slowly, at a low temperature so that the egg does not become tough and dry, and the bottom of the omelet must be carefully watched for the entire omelet will be spoiled if one portion burns.

Serve the omelet immediately when cooked, as steam escapes and an omelet falls when cold. Use a fork or spoon in serving; if an omelet is so tough that it requires a knife to cut it the time of cooking has been too long or the temperature too high. An omelet will be more tender if the number of yolks exceeds the number of whites.

Omelets are used for breakfast, luncheon, supper, or as simple desserts.

Variations of the Omelet

1. Serve with white sauce, tomato sauce, or oyster sauce.

2. Serve with a garnish of chopped parsley, olives, green peppers, cooked peas, green beans, or asparagus tips.

3. Use bacon fat in an omelet pan and serve omelet with a garnish of crisp bacon.

4. Before folding omelet, spread with chopped ham, tongue, mushrooms, grated cheese, broiled oysters, or cooked vegetables.

5. In place of milk or cold water use 1 tablespoon hot water to each egg, or 4 tablespoons white sauce, or 2 tablespoons bread crumbs softened in milk, or 4 tablespoons tomato sauce.

6. Add grated cheese, or chopped tongue, parsley, onions, or chopped asparagus to yolk mixture.

7. Turn the omelet into a buttered baking dish and bake in the oven, serve in dish.

8. Substitute sugar(1 tablespoon to each egg)for salt and pepper, fruit juice or caramel syrup for milk, and serve with jelly or a sweet sauce, grated pineapple, or sliced oranges, or cover with powdered sugar and score with a hot poker to caramelize sugar.

9. Souffles are a variation of the omelet.

Creamy Omelet

1 egg 1/4 teaspoon salt Pepper

1 tablespoon milk 1/2 teaspoon butter

Beat the egg slightly, add the milk and seasonings; put butter in the hot omelet pan, when melted turn in the mixture; as it cooks draw the edges toward the center until the whole is of a creamy consistency; brown quickly underneath; fold and turn onto a hot platter. Serve at once. Serves 1.

To serve several people, multiply each ingredient by the number of eggs used. Also called French Omelet.

Foamy Omelet

l egg 1/8 teaspoon salt

Cayenne or white pepper

1 tablespoon milk or water 1/2 teaspoon butter

Beat the yolk of the egg until creamy, add the seasonings and milk; beat the white until stiff, but not dry, cut and fold into the yolk carefully with the flat egg beater; heat an omelet pan, rub bottom and sides with the butter, turn in the omelet, spread it evenly on the pan. Cook gently over heat until the omelet is set and evenly browned underneath; put it into a hot oven for a few minutes to dry slightly on top; fold and serve immediately. Serves 1.

To serve several people multiply each ingredient by the number, of eggs used.

Omelet Souffle

1/2 tablespoon butter 1/2 tablespoon flour 1/8 teaspoon salt Pepper

1/4. cup milk

l egg 1/2 teaspoon butter

Make a white sauce; separate the yolk and white of the egg, and beat them until light; when white sauce is cool, add the yolk, and cut in the white with the flat egg beater. Cook in the same way as Foamy Omelet or follow directions for baked omelet. Serves 1.

Baked Omelet

Prepare the recipe for Omelet Souffle. Turn into a buttered baking dish, place the dish in a pan containing hot water and bake slowly 20 to 30 minutes in a moderate oven. If a heavy earthen baking dish is used it need not be placed in hot water.

Spanish Omelet

Follow the recipe for Creamy omelet using four eggs and serve with a well seasoned tomato sauce in the center and around the omelet.

Use half the recipe for tomato puree given in the book, and add one finely chopped green pepper. Do not strain. Just before serving, two tablespoons chopped pickles may be added to the sauce. Serves 6.