Pickled Peaches

8 pounds peaches 2 or 3 cloves in each

4 pounds sugar 1 pint vinegar

Wash the peaches, but do not peel them. Remove the buds from the ends of the cloves and insert 2 or 3' cloves in each peach. Boil peaches in a syrup made of the sugar and vinegar until tender, drain off the syrup and put peaches on platters over night. Set the syrup aside to cool. The next day put the cold peaches into sterilized jars and pour the cold syrup over them. Seal, mark, and store.

Pickled Pears

Follow the recipe for pickled apples.

Sliced Cucumber Pickles (Open Kettle Method)

1 dozen cucumbers 1 dozen onions 1/8 cup salt

Cucumbers about 2 inches in diameter and 4 inches long are best to use. Slice the cucumbers and onions in 1/3 inch pieces, add salt, and let stand two hours; drain. Boil the following ingredients; -

1 cup sugar

1 cup vinegar

1 teaspoon celery seed

1 teaspoon mustard seed 1 teaspoon cassia buds or stick cinnamon

Add drained cucumbers and onions to this hot liquid and boil 15 minutes. Tut into sterilized jars and seal. Mark and store.

Spiced Pears

7 pounds pears 3 pounds sugar 1 pint vinegar 1/2 lemon rind

8 whole cloves 8 whole allspice 2 sticks cinnamon 1/2 ounce ginger root

Cut the pears in halt, remove the seeds and pare. Put the vinegar and sugar on to boil. Into each piece of pear stick three or four cloves. Divide the cinnamon, allspice, and ginger in two parts, put into small pieces of cheesecloth, tie tightly, and then throw them into the sugar and vinegar. When the mixture begins to simmer, add the pears and lemon rind, bring all to boiling point, take from the fire, and turn carefully into a stone jar. Stand in a cool place over night. Next day drain all the syrup from the pears into a porcelain-lined or agate kettle, cook over a moderate fire, and when boiling hot pour it back into the jar over the pears. Next day drain and heat again as before; do this for five consecutive days. The last day boil the syrup down until there is just enough to cover the fruit. Add the fruit to the hot syrup, bring the whole to a boil, and put in stone or glass jars, or tumblers. The pears may be finished in one day, by taking out the fruit and cooking the syrup slowly down to the right amount, adding the fruit to reheat it, and finishing as above. The fruit is less rich if done this way.

Spiced Prunes (Open-Kettle Method)

1 pound prunes

1 pint vinegar

2 cups sugar

1/2 ounce whole cloves 1 ounce stick cinnamon

Wash the prunes well and soak in cold water 12 hours, pour the water off. Make a syrup of vinegar and sugar, and add spices tied in a small piece of cheese-cloth. Add the prunes to syrup and simmer slowly until very tender. Pack in sterilized jars. Cover with boiling syrup. Seal, mark, and store.

Stuffed Peppers (Cold-Pack Method)

Soak sweet peppers in brine (1 cup salt to 1 gallon of water) for 24 hours. When ready to stuff, take them from the brine, rinse in fresh water, carefully cut a circle off the top of each pepper, and save to be placed on peppers after stuffing. Remove seeds and white sections and soak peppers in clear water 1 or 2 hours; drain carefully. Fill the peppers with Dixie Relish being careful not to press it in too tightly. Place the tops on the peppers and make each secure by one or two stitches of thread, or keep in place by fastening with two or three wooden tooth picks. Pack as many stuffed peppers as can be placed in a jar without crushing them. Fill jar with spiced vinegar. Process 15 minutes in hot-water bath. Remove, seal, invert to test, wrap, and store for future use.