Any cake batter may be baked in muffin tins to make small individual cakes to be served as tea cakes. These will require a hotter oven than loaf and layer cakes, and can be baked in a shorter time.

Batters for butter cakes may also be used for drop cakes or cookies by adding more flour to make the batter the consistency of a very soft dough, almost as soft as for baking powder biscuits. Cookies must be handled lightly and carefully and cooked quickly so that they will not dry out. They must be carefully watched to avoid burning any part. The time for baking will vary from 10 to 15 minutes according to the thickness of the cookv.

If a large amount of butter is used, the cooky will be crisp and tender. A smaller amount of butter and a greater amount of liquid give a softer cooky. Cookies become softer with keeping, especially if kept in a stone jar or if a piece of bread is kept with them. If cookies are hard and dry, too much flour has been used.