Summer squash should be used while fresh. Hubbard or winter squash is good through the winter months.

Summer squash, cushaw or crookneck squash, and cym-lings, should be washed, broken into pieces with a knife, and pared. Winter squash must be broken into pieces with a hatchet, and the shreds and seeds removed from the center.

Baked Squash

Wipe the outside shell of the squash, cut it in pieces for serving, remove seeds and stringy portion, place in a dripping pan, and bake in a slow oven until tender, about three-quarters of an hour. Serve at once.

Steamed Squash

Prepare squash as for baking, put in steamer over boiling water, and cook until soft about 30 minutes. Winter squash may require 40 minutes. Then scrape squash from shell, mash, and season with butter, salt, and pepper. If very watery it may be necessary to press out part of the juice by squeezing the pieces of squash between the colander and a plate.