Undoubtedly one of the reasons bread is not properly baked is because the process is often hurried. Loaves of pound proportions should bake in forty-five minutes to an hour in an oven at 375° F. for the first three-quarters of the time. Biscuits and rolls need a hotter oven, about 4000 F. at first, baking in about twenty-five minutes. During the first quarter of the time the bread will rise somewhat and will color slightly in spots. During the second quarter it will brown delicately. During the third quarter the baking is almost done, the last quarter being needed only to dry out the moisture, when the heat should be lowered. Bread is done when it shrinks away from the pan, can be tipped out on the hand, and held without burning, and when it sounds hollow if tapped. Even the shape and size of the pan affects the quality of the bread. If too deep, the bread will be coarse and soggy, if too shallow and wide, it is liable to be dark and the crust very brittle. Round pans should not be used. The best size is seven and a half inches long by four and a quarter inches wide, and three inches deep.