Slice off the crusts from a loaf of stale bread, making the cut slices very thin; then cut the loaf in slices two inches thick, and hollow these out by means of a sharp knife and spoon to form boxes or shells. Brush these lightly with melted butter or oleomargarine, and brown them in a hot oven, or fry them in deep fat hot enough to brown a bit of bread in forty counts. Use for creamed chicken or other meats; creamed lobster, or any desired fish, or creamed vegetables.

General Utility Wheel Tray Set For Afternoon Tea Service

General Utility Wheel-Tray Set For Afternoon Tea Service.

Large bread croustades may be made in a similar way by using the entire loaf. These act as holders for creamed meat or fish, fried oysters, or a vegetable.


Cut stale bread in half inch strips, then crosswise into half inch squares, and fry lightly in butter or oleomargarine, or toast in a hot oven. Serve with soups.