3 tablespoonfuls chicken fat or 5 tablespoonfuls lard

1 cupful pastry flour 1/4 teaspoonful salt

Sift together the flour and salt and stir in the chicken fat (or the chicken fat substitute melted to the consistency of chicken fat). It must not be hot. Moisten with cold water till of the consistency to roll. Roll out and use. This makes a very tender crust and is enough for one pie.

Flaky Pastry

1 cupful pastry flour 5 tablespoonfuls lard 1/2 teaspoonful salt

About 6 tablespoonfuls cold water

Combine the salt and flour and work in one-half the lard with the finger tips, keeping the mixture coarse and flaky. Moisten the dough with ice water, turn on a slightly-floured board, dust with flour, pat and roll out. Fold in the remaining lard (which should be rather soft) by placing the other half of the crust over it; press the edges together firmly to incase as much air as possible, press with the rolling pin and roll it out. Fold again and roll. Do this three times. This quantity will make one pie with two crusts, or one pie with the crust built up.

Short Biscuit Paste For Meat Or Fish Pies

2 1/2 cupfuls bread flour 4 teaspoonfuls baking powder Milk to make a stiff dough

6 tablespoonfuls butter or oleomargarine 1 teaspoonful salt

Mix and sift the flour, salt and baking powder. Work in 4 tablespoonfuls of the butter and moisten to make a stiff dough. Turn onto a floured board, pat to one-quarter inch thickness, and spread with 1 tablespoonful of butter; fold over, roll out and repeat with the remaining butter. Fold, roll, and cut in desired shape.