French Pastry

The French Pastry which we find in the best hotels and tea-rooms has as a foundation the Puff Paste given in the preceding recipe.

The paste may be rolled into squares, or strips, and folded over as fancy may dictate, the filling being of cooked fruit, jam, marmalade or even a cooked cream filling, or sweetened and flavored whipped cream. Any of the pastries seen in the hotels may be copied by an observing housewife.

Patty Shells

Patty shells may be made from the formula for Puff Paste. After the paste has been thoroughly chilled, cut out rounds one-quarter inch in thickness, and place them on a pan lined with brown paper. Lightly rub the edges of these rounds with cold water. Then cut out rings one-quarter of an inch wide of the pastry of exactly the same size as the larger rounds. Press one of these lightly in position on each of the large rounds. Brush this lightly with a little cold water. Bake in a moderate oven about thirty-five minutes, covering the shells with paper during the preliminary cooking. They will raise and be flaky and may be used with a filling of oysters, creamed sweetbreads, chicken and mushrooms, or with crushed and sweetened fruit of any kind. If higher patty shells are desired, put on two of the narrow rounds of pastry instead of one.