Strawberry Sauce

1 1/2 cupfuls powdered sugar 5 tablespoonfuls butter 1 egg white

1 1/2 cupfuls crushed fresh strawberries, or drained strawberries

Beat the sugar and butter together to a cream; add the egg white, beaten stiff, then the berries and beat until well-blended.

Raspberries, loganberries, or sifted peach pulp may be substituted for the strawberries.

Hot Foamy Fruit Sauce

3/4 cupful boiling water 1/4 cupful jam (strawberry, peach or apricot)

1 tablespoonful lemon juice 1 egg white 1/4 cupful sugar

Boil the water, jam and sugar for five minutes. Add the lemon juice, then pour gradually onto the well-beaten egg white, whipping all the time. Serve at once.

Caramel Sauce 1 cupful granulated sugar 1 cupful boiling water

Caramelize the sugar; when melted, add the boiling water and simmer for thirty minutes. Serve hot or cold. If desired, 3 tablespoonfuls of chopped hickory nuts or walnuts may be added.

Caramel Almond Sauce

Make as in the preceding recipe, adding a half cupful of shredded and toasted almonds, and a few drops of vanilla.

Marshmallow Golden Sauce

1 cupful brown sugar 1 1/4 cupfuls boiling water

1 cupful quartered marsh-mallows Few drops vanilla

Simmer the sugar and water for twenty minutes. Then pour onto the marshmallows, beating well. Add the vanilla and serve at once.

Golden Sauce

1 cupful brown sugar 1 cupful boiling water

2 egg yolks, slightly beaten Few drops vanilla

Simmer the sugar and water for twenty minutes. Have the egg yolks well-beaten, and turn onto them the sugar mixture, slowly, beating all the time; serve hot.

Molasses Sauce

1 cupful Barbadoes molasses 1/2 cupful hot water

1 tablespoonful vinegar

Boil together five minutes and serve.

Maple Sauce

1 cupful maple syrup

1/4 cupful English walnut meats

Simmer the syrup till reduced one-fourth. Add the walnuts and serve hot on ice cream, or ice cold with baked custard.

Lemon Sauce

5/8 cupful sugar 1 1/4 cupfuls boiling water 1 1/4 tablespoonfuls corn starch

1 1/2 tablespoonfuls butter

1 1/2 tablespoonfuls lemon juice

Few grains nutmeg

Mix the sugar and corn starch together; add the water gradually; boil for five minutes, remove from the heat, and add the remaining ingredients.

Vanilla Sauce

Make according to the directions for Lemon Sauce, substituting a half teaspoonful of vanilla for the lemon juice.

Raisin Sauce

Add a fourth cupful of halved raisins to the water in Lemon Sauce, then proceed as directed.

Lemon Egg Sauce

1 tablespoonful flour 5/8 cupful sugar

1 1/2 cupfuls boiling water

1 egg, well-beaten

1 1/2 tablespoonfuls lemon juice

Mix the sugar and flour thoroughly in a saucepan. Add the boiling water and boil three minutes. Then add the lemon juice and pour the mixture slowly over a well-beaten egg. Serve warm.