If a chicken is being used, the feet should be saved. Skin them and put them on to cook with the giblets. To prepare the giblets, wash the heart and cut it in two, lengthwise. Cut off the gall bladder from the liver; this is an unmistakable green sack, and great care must be taken not to break it, as it contains a very bitter substance. Cut through the thick part of the gizzard, empty it and pull out the inside tough skin. Rinse the liver; put on to cook with the tips of the wings, the feet and the trimmings from the neck in a quart of boiling water. Use this stock instead of water in making the gravy. Serve the giblets, chopped fine, in the gravy, if desired. If this is not desirable, chop the giblets, and the next day make a gravy for them from the stock and transfer with this sauce to ramekins; break an egg into each ramekin. Dot with salt and pepper and shir.

Mix the ingredients in the order given, making the dressing rather moist.