Baked Veal Chops

2 pounds veal chops 1/4 pound bacon Bit of bay leaf


1/2 teaspoonful Worcestershire sauce

Boil the chops gently for five minutes in water containing a little sugar and a bay leaf. Drain thoroughly, dip in melted bacon fat, sprinkle with the Worcestershire and salt and crumbs; set in a baking pan, and place a small piece of bacon on each chop. Bake in a hot oven until the bacon begins to crisp, then add a little water to the pan, and cook more slowly till the chops are tender. This will take about thirty-five minutes.

Breaded Veal Cutlets

Simmer the cutlets five minutes in boiling water, containing a teaspoonful of sugar to each pint of water. Drain, dry, dip in fine crumbs, then in slightly-beaten egg, diluted with cold water (one-fourth cupful to an egg), then again in crumbs. Plunge into fat hot enough to brown a bit of bread in three minutes, and fry till brown. Drain on crumpled paper, and serve with tomato or Creole sauce.

Veal Steak, Italian

Veal steak

1 teaspoonful sugar

Bit of bay leaf

Salt and pepper 1 clove Onion, sliced

Slice veal steak thin, and cut in individual servings. Boil five minutes in water to cover, containing one tea-spoonful sugar, a bit of bay leaf, one clove, and a slice of onion to each pint of water. Drain, dust with salt and pepper, and dip in crumbs, egg, and crumbs again and cook in deep fat hot enough to brown a bit of bread in three minutes. Serve with sliced lemon.

Veal Mexican Style

2 pounds veal, sliced 1/4 inch thick 1/2 cupful chopped chives 1 tablespoonful minced parsley-

Beef drippings

3/4 cupful minced cooked ham Salt Pepper

Cut the veal in pieces suitable for serving and dip them in flour. Melt the beef drippings and fry the veal in them; when half done, sprinkle with the chives, parsley and ham, season with salt and pepper and finish, cooking slowly.

How To Cook Liver

Broiled Liver And Bacon

Scald the bacon, drain and set in a baking pan in a hot oven to cook. Scald the liver, let stand five minutes in the water, then pull off the outer membranes and remove the tough veins. Dip in the bacon fat and broil from five to six minutes, according to the thickness, turning from side to side. Add salt and pepper, and serve garnished with the bacon.

Fried Liver And Bacon

Cover with boiling water slices of liver cut one-half inch thick; let stand five minutes to draw out the blood, drain, wipe and remove the thin outside skin and veins. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, dip in flour and fry in the fat remaining from baked bacon.

Fried Liver With Onions

Prepare the liver for frying as in the preceding recipe. For a pound of liver, peel and slice six onions. Fry them gently until done in bacon fat, remove from the fat and cook the liver in it. Put the liver on a platter, spread the onions over it and dust lightly with salt and pepper.