No. 1.

1 pint pea beans

1 small onion

1/8 pound salt pork, part fat

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon dry mustard

2 tablespoons molasses

Soak beans in cold water overnight. In the morning drain and turn into a bean-pot; or simmer until skins begin to burst, but not long enough to be mushy, then turn into the bean-pot. Pour boiling water over salt pork. Scrape the rind until white, score in half-inch strips, and bury meat in beans, leaving only the rind exposed. Mix salt, mustard and molasses in a cup, fill with hot water, stir until well mixed, and pour over the pork and beans. Add water to cover, and bake in a 250°-350° F. oven six to eight hours, adding more water to cover until the last hour, when pot cover is removed and pork raised to the surface to crisp.

Use corned beef instead of pork, or omit meat and use more salt, with one-third cup of fat.

No. 2 - Quick Method - Use same ingredients as in previous recipe. Do not soak the beans overnight. Place them over the fire, cover them with cold water, and slowly bring the water to a boil, then set the kettle where the beans will simmer, but will at no time boil vigorously. When they have cooked in this way for fifteen minutes, drain and add fresh boiling water. Add salt pork to the kettle and simmer until the beans may be pierced with a straw. Turn the beans into a colander to drain; put into bean-pot, season and bake as directed above.