1 chicken Pie paste Milk

Salt and pepper Flour

Clean, singe and cut up chicken as for fricassee. Place in a kettle and add enough hot water to cover. Put the cover on the kettle, and simmer slowly until the chicken is tender, adding a little more water if needed. Make a gravy of the stock, using two tablespoons flour for each cup of stock. Use for the crust puff paste, or a good pie paste, rolled a little thicker than for fruit pies. Line the sides of a deep baking-dish with crust; invert in the middle of the dish a small cup or ramekin; put in part of the chicken and season with salt and pepper, then add the rest of the chicken, and season the same way.

Put in the dish two cups or more of the gravy made from broth in which the chicken was cooked and cover the top with crust. The cup or ramekin will hold the crust up and will prevent evaporation. Most chicken pie is too dry; therefore, use a generous amount of the broth. Bake in a hot oven (450° F.) until crust is done (one-half hour). When serving, after cutting the first slice, carefully slip the knife under the ramekin and release the gravy which is held there by suction. Additional gravy should be served in a gravy-dish.