1. Select firm, well-grown, but not overripe fruit.

2. If possible, can fruit on the day that it is picked.

3. Wash, pare, and prepare the fruit, removing all bruised or decayed parts.

4. If there is much variation in size, sort the fruit so that the contents of each jar will be as nearly uniform as possible.

5. Blanch the fruit if necessary in boiling water, a small quantity at a time, until the skin slips off.

6. Chill the outside of the blanched fruit by immersing it for a brief period in a large receptacle of cold water. Do not attempt to cool the fruit thoroughly by this cold dip.

7. Pack the fruit firmly in clean, tested jars to within one-half inch of the top.

8. Fill the jars with boiling sirup or hot water.

9. Place a new rubber on each jar, adjust the cover of the jar, and partly seal it by adjusting only the upper clamp or by slightly screwing the lid.

10. Cook for the required length of time in the hot-water bath, or, in the case of hard pears, or pineapple, in the pressure cooker. (See tables pages 664-665.) Be sure to have the jars completely immersed in water.