If the average household is to be supplied with the vegetables and fruits needed in the abundance recommended in this book, some provision must be made to have a supply on hand during the months when fresh products are not available. In some households, these will be stored, canned, or otherwise preserved at home. In others, they must be purchased fresh from the market or bought in preserved form from the dealer.

It would be a profitable thing for every housewife to learn sizes in canned goods and demand certain standards. She should keep a record of good and poor grades so that she may ask for the quality she prefers. Canned goods that are used frequently should be purchased in case lots, as a wholesale or reduced price can be obtained in that way.

The canneries have the sizes of cans well standardized and the housewife will find it to her advantage to know the common sizes. The following list gives the size of the can by number together with an approximate estimate of its contents: