No. 1.

2 cups maple sugar

1 cup cream

Break the maple sugar into small pieces, put into a saucepan and heat slowly with the cream. Stir until the sugar is thoroughly dissolved, then boil without stirring until a soft ball can be shaped between the fingers when the mixture is tried in cold water (238° F.). Care must be taken not to have the heat too great, as this mixture will burn easily. Remove from the fire and beat until thick enough to spread.

No. 2.

3/4 cup maple-sirup 1/4 cup sugar

1 egg-white

Cook the sirup and sugar together until it spins a thread (220° F.) when dropped from a spoon. Pour this sirup slowly over the beaten egg-white and beat until cold. This icing is quickly made and may be used to give a maple flavor to simple, inexpensive cakes or cookies.

No. 3.

2 cups maple sugar 2 egg-whites

1/2 cup boiling water

Make a sirup of the maple sugar and water and boil to the soft-ball stage (238° F.), remove from the fire and cool while the egg-whites are beaten stiff, then pour the sirup in a thin stream, over the stiff whites, beating the mixture until it is thick enough to spread. A rough surface may be obtained by spreading the top of the cake with the back of a spoon before the frosting is set.