Green ginger, sliced thin, 1 1/2 ounces, Yeast cake, 1/2, Cream of tartar, 1 ounce,

Light-brown sugar, 1 pound,

Lemons, 2,

Boiling water, 1 gallon.

Scrub and slice the lemons very thin without paring. Mix the sugar, lemons, cream of tartar, and ginger together, add the boiling water, and stir over the fire till the sugar is dissolved, and then boil for about one minute longer.

Pour it into a large crock, and when cooled, add the half of a compressed yeast cake, which has previously been dissolved in a little warm water. Let it ferment for 24 hours, then strain and bottle.

Tie the corks down, and lay the bottles on their sides in the cellar. This is better at the end of a week than when newly made.