State Of Health

In selecting food with reference to health it must be remembered that there are certain general rules which have been established by the best authorities through many ages and in a great variety of circumstances; there are, however, some exceptions to these general rules. Milk is considered a wholesome food, yet there are some persons who cannot take it. Cheese is a cheap and nourishing food for laboring people, but there are some persons to whom it is an active poison. This is also true of oysters and strawberries. These exceptions are owing to some idiosyncrasy of the palate or weakness of the digestive organs, and should be regarded only as exceptions, which do not affect the general principle.

The application of these general principles, given throughout this book in connection with the various articles used as food, must be left to each individual; but to those who have given the subject no serious study a few hints may be helpful. They will be found in the article treating of Cooking for the Invalid.