Place the fowl on the platter, with the head at the left. Put the fork in across the breastbone. Cut through the skin round the leg joint. Bend the leg over and cut off at the joint. Then cut off the wings, and divide wings and legs at the joints. Carve the breast in thin slices parallel with the breastbone. Some prefer to cut it at right angles with the bone. Take off the wish-bone; separate the collar-bone from the breast; slip the knife under the shoulder blade, and turn it over. Cut through the cartilage which divides the ribs, separating the breast from the back. Then turn the back over, place the knife midway, and with the fork lift up the tail end, separating the back from the body. Place the fork in the middle of the backbone, and cut close to the backbone, from one end to the other, freeing the side bone. As soon as the legs and wings are disjointed, begin to serve, offering white or dark meat and stuffing as each prefers. Do not remove the fork from the breastbone till the breast is separated from the back. Use an extra fork in serving. If all the fowl be not required, carve only from one side, leaving the opposite side whole for another meal.