Beat the whites of three eggs stiff and flaky; add three quarters of a cup of powdered sugar, sifting and cutting it in lightly. Drop by spoonfuls on paper placed on boards. Put in the hot closet or oven, with the door open for half an hour. Then brown slightly. Put two together; or put them on the paper in oblong shape, dry one hour, brown, remove the soft part, and fill with whipped cream.

To make these successfully, the steady, moderate heat of a confectioner's brick oven is essential. It is a waste of time and material to attempt them in an ordinary stove oven.


Half a pound of almonds, blanched, dried, and pounded to a paste, with one teaspoonful of rose water. Beat together the whites of three eggs, and half a cup of powdered sugar, adding the sugar by the teaspoonful. Add half a teaspoonful of almond essence, then add the pounded almonds and, if too soft to be shaped, add one tablespoon-ful of flour. Roll with wet hands into balls the size of walnuts, flatten them slightly, and place some distance apart on buttered paper. Bake slowly.

Almond paste, ready for use, may be obtained at a confectioner's. Break it up with a fork, add the beaten whites and sugar, using four or five eggs for half a pound of paste. Drop by teaspoonfuls on paper, and bake as above.