Fruit Cake

One pound Sperry flour, one pound sugar, one pound butter, two pounds raisins, two pounds currants, one pound citron, nine eggs, two small wine glasses of brandy, one-half of a nutmeg, two teaspoons Folger's Golden Gate cloves, two teaspoons Folger's Golden Gate ginger, one-half teaspoon Folger's Golden Gate allspice, one-half teaspoon of Folger's Golden Gate cinnamon, one-half pint syrup, two teaspoonfuls Folger's Golden Gate baking powder. Bake in two loaves three hours in a slow oven.

Mrs. H. A. Lanpher.

Powell's Celebrated Fruit Cake

One pound Sperry flour, one pound currants, one pound Sultana raisins, three-quarters pound sugar, ten ounces butter, one-quarter pound lemon and citron peel, five eggs, a pinch of salt, Folger's Golden Gate spices (allspice, cinnamon and nutmeg to taste), one small cup warm milk, one teaspoon bicarbonate soda; sift flour, soda and salt together, then rub in butter with hands; add other ingredients and mix well; batter must be rather stiff. Bake in moderate oven in two or three tins.

Molasses Cookies

One cup of New Orleans molasses; one cup of brown sugar; one cup of sour milk; one egg; two-thirds cup of melted lard; one tablespoonful of ginger; two heaping teaspoonfuls of soda, one beaten in the molasses and one in sour milk; add Sperry Flour enough to roll out good.

E. R. Lewis.

Fruit Cake

One and one-half pounds butter, one and one-half pounds Sperry flour (browned), one and one-half pounds brown sugar, two pounds currants, three pounds stoned raisins, one pound citron sliced very thin, one pound blanched and chopped almonds, one dozen eggs, one cup New Orleans molasses, one cup brandy, one teaspoonful soda dissolved in one teaspoonful of hot water; flavor with Folger's Golden Gate lemon and vanilla (both), and all kinds of Folger's Golden Gate spices; dredge fruit with Sperry flour. Bake from three to four hours in a very moderate oven; will make three medium-sized cakes. I first mixed butter and sugar, then added eggs, beating in one at a time, then the molasses, brandy, soda, flavorings, flour and the fruit last.

Mrs. H. Wilson.

Another Filling Easy Made

The whites of two eggs (not beaten), one tablespoon of cold water; stiffen with powdered sugar, one cup of ground sweet chocolate; flavor with Folger's Golden Gate vanilla.

Filling For Chocolate Cake

Two cups of brown sugar, almost a cup of ground chocolate, one-half cup milk, butter the size of an egg. Boil hard for five minutes, pour on a meat plate and beat until thick.

Chocolate Cake (Devil)

One-half cup of butter, one-half cup of brown sugar, one-half cup of sweet milk, three eggs, one teaspoonful of baking soda sifted in the Sperry flour. Part II. - One cup grated chocolate (sweet will do), one-half cup sweet milk, one cup brown sugar. Mix together and dissolve but not boil; make this part first and let it cool. Flavor with Folger's Golden Gate vanilla, and mix in the above batter; bake in jelly tins.