Graham Gems

2 cupfuls of Graham flour. 1 cupful of milk. 1 cupful of water.

2 eggs.

teaspoonful of salt.

1 tablespoonful of sugar.

Mix the dry ingredients together; beat the eggs separately. Mix the milk with the salt and sugar; add the water, then the flour, and lastly fold in the whipped whites, and put at once into very hot greased gem-pans, filling them half full. Bake in a hot oven thirty minutes.

Corn Gems

(Made Op Corn Flour)

2 eggs.

1 cupful of corn flour.

cupful of white flour.

1 tablespoonful of butter. 1 cupful of milk. 1 teaspoonful of salt.

1 teaspoonful of baking-powder.

Break the yolks of the eggs; add to them milk, salt, and melted butter; mix them well together, then add the two kinds of flour. Beat the whites of the eggs to a stiff froth; when they are ready, add the baking-powder to the flour mixture and then fold in lightly the whipped whites. Turn at once into warm gem-pans, a tablespoonful of batter into each one, and bake in a hot oven for fifteen minutes. This receipt can be used for any kind of flour.