2 cupfuls of flour. 1 cupfuls of cornmeal (yellow or white). cupful of sugar. 1 saltspoonful of salt.

3 teaspoonfuls of baking powder.

1 2/3 cupfuls of milk.

1 tablespoonful of butter or lard melted.

2 eggs.

Mix the flour, meal, salt, and baking-powder together thoroughly. Beat together the eggs and sugar; add the butter, then the flour mixture, and lastly mix in quickly the milk and turn into a flat pan to bake. Sour milk can be used instead of sweet milk, in which case a teaspoonful of soda dissolved in a quarter of a cupful of hot water is used, and baking-powder is omitted.

Corn Bread No. 2

1 cupful of fine cornmeal sifted. 1 cupfuls of milk.

2 eggs.

1 tablespoonful of butter. 1 teaspoonful of baking-powder.

1 teaspoonful of sugar.

Scald the milk' and pour it onto the sifted meal. Let it cool, then add the melted butter, salt, sugar, baking-powder, and yolks of the eggs. Stir it quickly and thoroughly together, and lastly fold in the whites of the eggs beaten to a stiff froth. Bake in a flat pan in a hot oven for thirty minutes.

Puffs Or Pop-Overs

2 cupfuls of milk. 2 cupfuls of flour.

2 eggs (whites and yolks beaten separately).

1 teaspoonful of salt.

Mix the salt with the flour. Mix the beaten yolks with the milk, and add them slowly to the flour to make a smooth batter. Lastly fold in the whipped whites. Put the batter at once into hot greased gem-pans, filling them half full, and put into a hot oven for thirty minutes. Serve at once, as they fall as soon as the heat is lost.