Chop one pound of lean raw meat very fine, remove all the fiber possible. To the mince add;

tablespoonful of onion juice. teaspoonful salt.

teaspoonful pepper. Dash of nutmeg.

1 egg.

Form it into small balls, and flatten; dredge them with flour, and saute them in butter. Place them on a hot dish, and spread with maitre d'hotel butter; or make a thick brown sauce by adding a tablespoonful of flour to the butter used in the saute" pan. Let it brown; then add slowly a little soup stock. Season with salt and pepper, and lemon juice, or Worcestershire sauce. Drop a teaspoonful of sauce on each cake without spreading it. Garnish with water-cresses. These steaks can be made from the end pieces of steaks, or from the round.

When made for invalids, the best meat is used. They are seasoned only with salt and pepper, and broiled just enough to be thoroughly heated. Another way to serve them is to make them the size of English muffins; on the upper side make a depression or hollow, broil or saute them, and place them on a baking dish; spread them with maitre d'hotel butter, and drop an egg in the hollow top of each one. Put them in the oven just long enough to set the white of the egg. Place a dash of pepper on the center of the yolk, and serve at once very hot.