Chicken Croquettes

Chop the chicken very fine, using the white meat alone, or the dark meat alone, or both together. Season with salt, pepper, onion-juice, and lemon-juice. Chopped mushrooms, sweetbreads, calf's brains, tongue, ham or truffles are used with chicken, and a combination of two or more of them much improves the quality of the croquettes.

Veal Croquettes

Veal is often mixed with chicken, or is used alone as a substitute for chicken. Season in same manner and make the same combinations.

Sweetbread Croquettes

Cut the boiled sweetbreads into small dice with a silver knife. Mix with mushrooms, using half the quantity of mushrooms that you have of sweetbreads. Use two eggs in the sauce.

Oyster Croquettes

Scald the oysters; cut them into small pieces with a silver-plated knife.

Lobster croquettes (see page 138) fish croquettes (see pages 121 and 126)

Meat And Boiled Hominy Croquettes

Equal proportions.

Meat, Rice, And Tomato Croquettes

Equal proportions of meat and boiled rice: moisten with tomato puree.

Macaroni Croquettes

Boil the macaroni in salted water until tender; let it cool; then cut into pieces one quarter inch long, forming rings. To a cupful of the rings add one tablespoonful of grated cheese.

The sauces to serve with croquettes are brown, Bechamel, Poulette, and Tomato.