Soup Cream of Celery (colored green).

Fish Brook Trout, Butter Sauce.

Entree Mushrooms on Crusts.


Saddle of Venison. Wild plum sauce. Saratoga potatoes. Green peas served in fontage cups.

Salpicon of Fruits au Rhum.

Game and Salad.

Quails in nests of Puree of Chestnuts. English Walnuts and Celery mixed with green Mayonnaise in cups of molded tomato jelly.


Small balls of Cream-cheese, colored green to imitate bird's eggs, in nests of shredded Lettuce.

Hot Entremet Individual Nut Puddings (burning).


Pistache Ice Cream Pralinee, molded in a ring, the center filled with whipped cream. White cakes with green icing. Fruits. Coffee.