No. 1

Grape Fruit. Bouillon. Oyster Patties. Chops and Peas. Quail, Lettuce Salad. Ice-Cream. Cake. Tea.

No. 2


Clams on Half-shell.

Cold Salmon, Sauce Tartare.

Filets Mignons, Sauce Bearnaise. Omelet Souffle. Cheese. Coffee.

No. 3

Grape Fruit. Bouillon. Shad Roe. Broiled Chicken. Green Peas. Russian Salad. Ice-Cream and Jelly. Angel Cake. Tea.

No. 4


Lobster a la Newburg.

Eggs Villeroi.

Sweetbreads and Peas.

French Chops, Potato Straws.

Russian Salad of Chicken Aspic, Celery and Walnuts (see receipt).

Plum-Pudding Glace.


No. 5

Chicken Consomme. Lobster Chops. Mushrooms on Toast. Sweetbreads and Peas. Frozen Punch. Quails on Toast.

Pate de Foies-Gras en Bellevue.

Lettuce. Charlotte Russe.

No. 6


Eggs a la Reine.

Planked Shad.


Broiled Squabs.

Vegetable Salad. Ice-Cream. Cheese. Fruit.

No. 7

Salpicon of Fruit. Cream of Clams. Salmon Cutlets, Cucumbers. Curried Eggs. Chicken a la Poulette. Asparagus, Sauce Hollandaise. Fruit Tart. Chocolate Pralinee.

No. 8

Little Neck Clams.



Broiled Chicken, Peas.


Lobster Salad.

Gateau St. Honore.


At a luncheon, given in a country house to a large party of golfers, all the edibles, consisting of cold meats, game, aspics, salads, and mince-pie, were placed on the side-table, and the gentlemen served the ladies before taking their own places at the table. The servants came into the room only to remove the plates. This gave a very social and lively character to the meal, which all enjoyed for its informality.

Entertainments of this kind may often be practicable, as the question of service sometimes debars one from entertaining many guests at a time.