This article is mostly imported from India and China, in jars or pots. Divide the largest races or roots from the smaller ones; lake largest for preserving, as the smaller ones will serve for planting; clean and cut the roots into neat pieces, and throw them into cold water as you do them. Boil them three times in fresh water, throwing them into cold each time, or soak them in water for four or five days; drain, and boil in fresh water till tender; take them out, and throw them into cold water, in which has been mixed a little lemon juice or vinegar; peel them, and throw them into the water again as they are done, to keep them white; let the roots remain in this a few hours, then drain them dry on sieves; put them in an earthen pan; pour over them, when cold, a thin syrup, at the small thread; let them be well covered with the syrup; in two or three days drain off the syrup; add more sugar, and boil to the large thread; when cold pour it over the ginger. After three or four days boil the sugar a degree higher, and pour it in hot; continue this until your roots look clear and are fully impregnated with sugar; finish with the syrup at the large pearl.