One pint of cream. One pint of rich milk. Half a pound of shelled sweet almonds. Two ounces of shelled bitter almonds. Four table-spoonfuls of rose-water. A quarter of a pound of white sugar. The yolks of eight eggs. A little oil of lemon.

Blanch the almonds and pound them to a paste, mixing the rose-water gradually with them. Powder the sugar, and beat the yolk of egg till very light. Mix the cream and milk together, and stir into it gradually the sugar, the pounded almonds, and the beaten yolk of egg. Then stir the whole very hard. Put the mixture into a skillet or sauce-pan, and set it in a heated stove, or on a charcoal furnace. Stir it one way till it becomes thick, but take it off the fire before it has been long; enough to curdle. Set it away to get cold. Take half the whites of the eggs, and beat them to a stiff froth, adding a little powdered sugar, and a few drops of oil of lemon

(the latter in proportion to its strength.) Put the custard into a glass dish or bowl, and heap the frothed white of egg upon it. You may ornament the top with nonpareils or sugar-sand.

Or you may put it in small cups, piling some froth on each.